Grieve and Dance

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In the past couple of years, I found myself attracted to a genre of music that I’m yet to be capable of labeling. It’s sub genre of house music where there’s usually a sad instrument dominating the track, coupled with the fast paced beat you’d expect from house. The sadness often comes from a violin, oud, or even a piano minor scale. At times, it’s not even an instrument; it’s just a human voice speaking volumes of agony and pain.

Listening to such music generates a fusion of emotions. It moves you on one dimension to feel the sadness and sorrow transcending from the strings of the instruments, but then takes it away with a beat that flows through your body¬†with its vibrations saying “life moves on”.

It is somehow humbling. Memories of good times and bad times flash before you. Then it’s all taken away with the pragmatism of the here and now brought by the beat. Nothing matters that much anyway. Just keep dancing.

What a trip.

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