On Urgency

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Friday Reminder: What are your 10 year goals? How can you do them in 6 months? Why?Because you only live once, but if you live with urgency, then you can live multiple lives Why would you want that?Well, you don’t have to, but I for one think life is an amazing place, learning is a beautiful thing, and serving others … Read More

Too Busy to Think

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I aspire to never be too busy to think. I’ve fallen into this trap recently, multiple times unfortunately. What does it mean to be too busy to think, you wonder? It’s when you’re too ‘busy’ doing things and not sitting down in silence to reflect on them. It’s when you’re in the company of people so often that you forget … Read More

The Wolfpack

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“Woof”, said my email subject on a Sunday night, sent to a handful of friends. “You are one of less than 10 people who are getting this email”. I’ve been doing some thinking… I think that I’m quite disciplined in my nature, and I have seen some results of that. However, I still think that I’m not running -even nearly- … Read More


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Everyday, you wake up, and you open your inbox. Be it email, slack, whatsapp, instagram, or your news app. You are opening an inbox. It’s insane that the word feels so normal now. There hasn’t always been such word as ‘inbox’ Inbox is the combination of the words in and box. Your mail in the box. It went from: – … Read More

Pain Killers

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The world is full of pain killers. Got a problem with the bacteria in your body? Here’s a bacteria killer (antibiotic). Got an issue that’s causing your histamines to act up? Kill them (antihistamines). Got some generic pain in any part of your body? Destroy it (pain killers). These are shit solutions. Modern medicine is filled with them. What’s the problem … Read More

Realization: Birthday Gifts are Reversed

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If it’s your birthday, you should be the one giving people a birthday gift. Not the other way around. You’ve been taking oxygen from the atmosphere for this many years?? What did you pay in return? I got this realization while reading this blog post. I don’t think the author has intended to convey this idea, but he did. Such … Read More

The Simulation Framework

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Over the past few months, I’ve developed a fascination with the concept of Mental Models & Frameworks. A mental model or framework is simply a way to process information. One mental model that I co-developed with a close friend is the Simulation Framework, which suggests to look at every scene in your life as a simulation. Different people live in different … Read More

Dopamine Addiction

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I admit: I’m addicted to dopamine. I guess most of us are to an extent. There’s something about keeping our minds busy that’s attractive. It’s horrifying to have our minds wander freely when we’re alone. It’s even more attractive when we’re watching other people’s lives. It’s always good to think you’re better than someone else, eh? And when someone’s doing better … Read More

Happiness is not the End

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Everyone seems to be on their pursuit of happiness. While different people attribute different goals and desires to happiness, I think the state is very comparable for everyone. We look at attaining happiness as if it was a process: I’m at point A I want to be at point B To get there, I need to work When I get to point … Read More

Work Principles

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I jotted down some of the work principles I live by. I’ve learned some of these through experience, and many of them through books and mentors. This will act as a reference for me, those who work with me, and others. It’s still a work in progress. Don’t take your job for granted. Do your best to earn your place every … Read More