The Simulation Framework

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Over the past few months, I’ve developed a fascination with the concept of Mental Models & Frameworks. A mental model or framework is simply a way to process information. One mental model that I co-developed with a close friend is the Simulation Framework, which suggests to look at every scene in your life as a simulation. Different people live in different … Read More

Dopamine Addiction

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I admit: I’m addicted to dopamine. I guess most of us are to an extent. There’s something about keeping our minds busy that’s attractive. It’s horrifying to have our minds wander freely when we’re alone. It’s even more attractive when we’re watching other people’s lives. It’s always good to think you’re better than someone else, eh? And when someone’s doing better … Read More

Happiness is not the End

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Everyone seems to be on their pursuit of happiness. While different people attribute different goals and desires to happiness, I think the state is very comparable for everyone. We look at attaining happiness as if it was a process: I’m at point A I want to be at point B To get there, I need to work When I get to point … Read More

Work Principles

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I jotted down some of the work principles I live by. I’ve learned some of these through experience, and many of them through books and mentors. This will act as a reference for me, those who work with me, and others. It’s still a work in progress. Don’t take your job for granted. Do your best to earn your place every … Read More

Going Live (& Alive)

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As a founder/creator, I often struggle with launching my products and ideas. It seems like the “launch” is this huge step where an idea makes a leap from 0 to 1. From nonexistence into a sudden loud existence, shocking everyone in the process, and hence generating lots of pressure. This can be terribly crippling, however, since ideas and products feed … Read More

Tension of Opposites

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There’s tranquility in between every two opposites, and both are needed. Good is meaningless if bad didn’t exist. Virtue is empty without vice. For every two opposites, there’s some healthy balance in between. I call that the tension of opposites. Working hard is good, but if not coupled with some leisure, burnout occurs. Everyone wants to be happy, but without … Read More

On Money

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Here, I put down all my thoughts and principles around money. These are principles I wish someone had taught me. Money Money is a resource; a made up one. Money doesn’t exist in nature. It is a tool we developed to make it easier to transfer value while conducting trade. Instead of trading items and services directly, we get to … Read More

On the Value of One’s Time

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Time value in money

Having been in the US for the past few months, I’ve been hearing arguments on hourly minimum wage and how it’s “not enough” for low-skill labor jobs. I found that to be quite an interesting argument considering that the average American is paid at least 10x of what their Asian or African counterparts are paid for doing the exact same … Read More

Fitting One’s Narrative

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If you’re doing anything in life, then you’re selling. Your work to a customer, your self to a partner, or your idea to an investor. In any case, I have come to believe that you can approach anyone in the world and sell them anything if you fit their narrative. Everyone has a narrative; that is, the story of their … Read More

On Mental Health & Suffering

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Out of all the problems I’ve been researching, mental health seems to be the single most complex problem to solve, and at the same time, in my opinion, the single most important one. Mental Health describes the efficiency of the operating system that we run through. Just how your computer runs macOS, or Linux, your mental framework has to set … Read More