On Urgency

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Friday Reminder:

What are your 10 year goals? How can you do them in 6 months?

Because you only live once, but if you live with urgency, then you can live multiple lives

Why would you want that?
Well, you don’t have to, but I for one think life is an amazing place, learning is a beautiful thing, and serving others is what makes life meaningful. I want more of that.

Is it possible?
It could be. Most likely it’s not going to be in 6 months, but by asking that, you get closer to it than the 10 years.

Imagine if your goal was to achieve financial freedom in 10 years
Achieving it in 6 months may seem just impossible – you’re at such a different place in life than what that 10-year-older version of yourself could look like, it almost seems unfathomable.

a. it’s not impossible, it has been done before
b. don’t focus on actually achieving it within 6 months, focus on getting much closer to it
c. in 6 months time, you could be at a place with the right mental models to get you there

Drastic changes require drastic changes. Read that again.

We have this tendency (I think it’s a sin) to continuously postpone late-gratification work and prioritize short term gratification instead.

Imagine if you set out to achieve it in 6 months, but you continuously fail and end up achieving it in 5 years. What a beautiful failure?

Your failure just bought you 5 extra years to live with your goal attained.

The same applies if your goal was to attain financial freedom, starting a family, reaching a certain physique, completing a project, or whatever it may be.

The idea is not to kill yourself to do something in 6 months.

The idea is to question your timelines. To question why you postpone the desired results for 10 years in the future, and instead find ways you can do it in a shorter period of time so that you get to enjoy the fruits sooner while you’re still alive.

Your best version of yourself is not that far from you.

Your ideal life is not as far as you think it is. It’s just very difficult to dare, mentally. Train yourself to dare more often. It’s like a muscle. Call it willpower, call it courage. Seek discomfort until it feels comfortable.

Easy decisions, hard life.
Hard decisions, easy life.

10 years in 6 months is an extreme mental exercise, but I for one believe that the most meaning in life lies at the extremes.

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