Happiness is not the End

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Everyone seems to be on their pursuit of happiness. While different people attribute different goals and desires to happiness, I think the state is very comparable for everyone.

We look at attaining happiness as if it was a process:

  • I’m at point A
  • I want to be at point B
  • To get there, I need to work
  • When I get to point B, I will be happy

This simple yet flawed equation makes it seem as if the “work” is a means to an end, as if work is merely meant to get you to happiness.

But work is actually where we derive happiness from!

Winning a race isn’t something that’s accomplished by someone who’s crazy about winning. It’s accomplished by him who is crazy about racing. Happiness is the process, not the reward.

If you’re in love with the image of being a world-class pianist, you’ll never be one. If you’re in love with the practice of playing when nobody’s watching, that’s when you’re likely to become one.

Happiness is not the end. Happiness is the means to an end.
Happiness is not the goal. Happiness is the process.

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