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Maybe the secret to living a happy life is in not taking things too seriously. Maybe it’s also the secret to succeeding at whatever goal you desire, as it makes you less uptight and more likable. Maybe it’s ok to accept mediocrity every now and then, because life is like that. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and has mediocrity all over it. Maybe it’s ok to admit that life is shit sometimes and not live with so many made up rules that make you uptight and pretentious. Maybe start truly accepting that shit happens and that people’s well-being is more important than any other arguably meaningless goal. Technically, all human goals should contribute to elevating the state of humans, and if whatever goal you pursue is built on the acceptance of hurting someone’s well-being then that defies the whole purpose. Maybe being “type A” gets you somewhere fast, but also kills you -and your relationships with people- fast. Maybe.. Just maybe.

Funny enough I think this was triggered by this Cafe I’m sitting at in Amsterdam that had so many imperfections which somehow made it so fucking beautiful.

Old man on a ladder fixing a light in the middle of the Cafe at noon because it needed to be fixed for him to go home and see his family later. Waitress takes a long time to respond to you because she’s busy serving others. Chef leaves the kitchen every now and then to take a walk because he’s bored. Waiter grabs a fry and munches on it as he delivers the tray to the right table because he’s hungry. Why the fuck not.

Maybe.. Just maybe.

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  1. Bader

    My dearest,

    I had read this entry of yours several times, and always thought I’d respond later when I’m in the right mindset. I’ve had a long day, I’m super tired, and frankly, very frustrated with myself.

    It seems like the perfect time to reread this and respond, don’t you think?

    Let’s see how many folds this short post can inspire.

    I must start with this, though. It’s been so incredible watching you grow on many levels in the short 18 months that I’ve known you now. I don’t often come across 23-year-olds that work on always improving and rebuilding themselves. It’s a really beautiful thing to witness, and I’m glad I’m around you on this journey of yours.

    Let’s address the first ‘maybe’. The secret of living a happy life, in my humble belief, is to simply live it. We tend to live with so many constraints. “Life is meant to be this” or “life is meant to be that,” and often forget that “life is meant to be lived.” It’s such a simple concept, yet the complexity of living burdens us with thoughts and often, despair.

    Another ‘maybe’ is to be successful for your own benefit, and not at the expense of others.

    ‘Maybe’ life is mediocre to, filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Somehow, though, we are always looking at other peoples’ lives as less mediocre, and we start to get jealous or pity ourselves. I am very much guilty of such behavior, and have yet to find the right tool to help me overcome that.

    ‘Maybe’ shit happens because shit happens, and ‘maybe’ shit happens for a reason. If you and I can both master the art of being fully present that every breath becomes a meditation, that even when ‘shit happens’ it’s because it happened for a reason and no reason at all. Not to say we accept it, but acknowledging its existence and carrying on.

    ‘Maybe’ being ambitious did kill Julius Ceaser. This may sound like a cliche, but the end truly doesn’t matter as much as the journey. We are social creatures by nature, thriving through our connectedness. If the road to success is lonely, I shall not walk it. I am where I am today, on my two feet, alive, because of those who have helped me get here.

    Imperfection is life. Imperfection is beauty.

    Wishing you well and wisdom x

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