Life is a Piano Piece

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The beauty in any piano piece mainly lies in 3 variables. It lies in having each note that plays to be slightly different from the one before it; not too similar, not too different (variance). It lies in having the piece shift between the fast and the slow pace to form the perceived harmony right in the middle (speed). It lies in having the pitch of these notes interchange between the happy and the sad (balance).

Without variance between people, life would be dull. We need people who are different from us just as much as we need people who are similar to us, and the best people for us are those in the middle; not too similar, not too different.

Without speed changes in life pace, life would be boring. We will have fast-paced days where we can barely catch up, and we will have days where we’re taking a step back, slowing down, reflecting and relaxing; both are necessary for each other.

Without balance between good and bad, life would be meaningless. We must have bad days to have good ones. If there was nothing wrong, then there’d be nothing right; both have to coexist.

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  1. Bader

    Dear Thinker

    What a well written post.
    Allow me to add my thoughts.

    It is true, a world without opposites and variance will lack not only meaning and perspective, but beauty as well. Can you imagine if a mountain had no valley? We would never know how high and mighty it really is. Can we appreciate the stars if there was no darkness? Because even in darkness there is variance.

    To link another post of yours to this: variance is what inspires me, and experiencing them is what motivates me.

    Perhaps there is a third link that you can add to your chain: aspiration. Google defines is as “a hope or ambition of achieving something.”

    I am inspired by mountains, that motivate me to travel, and aspire to be a mountain climber.

    Perhaps what welds these chains together and makes them affective is action.

    But how do I inspire myself? I’m still not sure how to answer that question. I know I draw inspiration from curious people with great minds, much like yourself. I can stem inspiration from the love I receive and the compassion I find in my path from those that pick me up in my darkest moments.

    P.S. You shouldn’t take this long to post on your blog. Some of us actually follow it and would love to read more.

    Always, all ways

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