How to Live a Good Life

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“The world is this continually unfolding set of possibilities and opportunities, and the tricky thing about life is, on the one hand having the courage to enter into things that are unfamiliar, but also having the wisdom to stop exploring when you’ve found something worth sticking around for. That is true of a place, of a person, of a vocation. … Read More

$2 Philosophy Words: Conscientiousness & Industriousness

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Meet my new $2 words! Conscientiousness and Industriousness are very similar concepts. Also, meet my new favorite modern philosopher! Jordan Peterson. He’s a YouTube star from the videos of his lectures and the vlogs he shares (which he records at midnight when he has thoughts keeping him awake instead of writing them down on a piece of paper). Here are my … Read More

Questions To Live By

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Recently, I stumbled upon a couple of very thought provocative questions on separate occasions which had me pause for a while and think. Today, I created a list on Google Keep of those questions aiming to update them and go through them every week or more frequently. Here, I will share those with my insight on each, and I’ll update the … Read More

Don’t Find Yourself. Make It.

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Typical self development gurus will often advise to go about life finding and discovering yourself. Realize what you like and dislike, know what you’re good at and what you’re not, etc… But wait, was I born this way? With my likes and dislikes predetermined? With my skills preprogrammed? “I’m an introvert, public speaking isn’t my thing” But.. who stamped the … Read More

Chance vs. Choice

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“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” As much as I truly admire this quote and understand its core, it treats “life” as a reactive experience that happens to you by “Chance” and fails to realize that it could be a proactive experience with independent “Choice”. I realize more as I grow that … Read More

Morning Accountability Partners

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and thanks to some self-discipline (which took me a month) and freemium software, it’s finally taking place. I want to schedule calls in the early morning with ambitious individuals for the main purpose of us committing to the call, hence waking up early and seizing the day, and … Read More

Note to Self: Fear the Fake Success

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Is this real? Do people truly think I’m successful? Is this how it feels like? Am I really doing so well, hitting success that good that fast? Damn, I must be great.. or am I? Sometimes, I feel good about myself. I hate those times. Maybe because I think they’re fake, temporary moments of joy and self-satisfaction, knowing that I’m only … Read More

Money = Success

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There, I said it. Now some of you might think I’m a filthy materialistic prick.. And for those I say, congratulations, you’re right. But let me explain why I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Linking money with success at least, not being a prick. Walking away from the “money doesn’t buy happiness” argument, this blog post is more oriented … Read More

My Life Plan

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What do I want to accomplish from this project? Why do I want to apply this technique? Where do I see this business in 5 years? How do I make that happen? When will I start working? Questions I ask myself frequently as I work on different projects, until I get lost. All of a sudden, I feel like I’m … Read More